26 – 27 April 2017

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2017 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Customer Experience Management in Asias' Telecoms Industry

Consumers are driving digital transformation in every industry and the telecom sector is no exception.

To discover what these companies are planning for the short to mid-term, we have compiled the findings from our latest survey conducted with the CEM professionals located across the telecommunications industry in Asia.

CEM in Telecoms: Case Studies from Across the Globe

This industry report focuses on region specific case studies that look at the ways the industry can build a customer-centric company culture, action VOC, enhance their digital transformation and break down silos in order to secure long term retention and increase customer lifetime value. 

CEM Telecoms: Case Studies from Across the Globe (Part 1 - Asia)

In this Part 1 of the industry report, we look at the ways on how the Asian industry built a customer-centric company culture in order to secure long term retention and increase customer lifetime value. 

Customer Experience in Telecoms: Reducing Churn and Retaining Customers

Reducing churn helps increase brand loyalty in a big way, as you will retain your customers for the long-term. However, keeping customers has been a particular challenge for telecoms companies. In this brief article, we looked at three options telecom operators should consider. 

Top Telco Initiatives that Inspire Brand Loyalty and Engagement

In the current digital age of rapid technological advancement, telecommunications service providers are forcibly kept on their toes by the ever-evolving needs and preferences of their digitally sophisticated and discerning consumer audience. 

In this article, we observed the top initiatives carried out by telecommunications companies that have been designed to inspire brand loyalty and engagement. 


The Customer is Calling: Asia’s Telco’s Must Improve Their CEM

Customer experience has long been a buzzword in Asia’s telecoms industry, but a growing volume of research is showing that customers remain dissatisfied. How serious are these trends and what impact is this having on business? We collate the latest statistics to find out:


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